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It's all downhill from here

Long time no talk! Greetings from Whistler. 

I am here for 2 weeks to start of our Canadian team selection races, then returning back to Calgary and racing October 22 & 23 to finish off the selection race series! 

With my return to Whistler, to kick off a new season, I can't help but reflect. Not only on the off season, but on how my Whistler trips share a timeline of my sliding career so far. 

I have gone from my first trip in March 2014, fresh with Olympic fever and a sliding rookie, to my last trip in January 2015 for the North America's cup races, where I earned two 3rd place medals (after a lot of learning....see blog here). This track has always had a special (and scary) place in my heart. 

Now, I haven't been here in a while, as my last trip was cancelled due to my hand injury last November, so I'm excited to finally get my new sled and equipment out here! 

The first thing I did today was roll up and get settled into the Athlete's Centre (which kind of feels like a second home), and head off to some of my village favourites to mark my return! I'm aiming to feel at home and relaxed in the village for the two weeks, as I work well with familiarity. We have training this week and then next week we get onto Official Training and the races! I'm simultaneously stoked to get on the ice and terrified that it is October and we are back sliding already. 

This off season was different, as I had numerous changes - graduating from university, working full time, and moving out and into my own place (to name a few). That being said, I'm extremely happy and am managing all this change. With no change, theres no room for growth. 

In the last month, I've gone through two testing camps - first up was the Off ice testing (run, jump, lift and throw). In this camp, I achieved or bested all of my personal bests!!! I had a killer camp, and I was so happy that it all came together on the days of camp. 

The second was two weeks later, and was a part of the National Program push testing. With the World Cup standard looming, but no NextGen (where I currently fall) standard. I was chasing my PB time, but unfortunately, after a long month of testing camps and prep, I could tell on the day it just wasn't in my legs. I pushed technically the best I have been, but was just missing the zip I needed. 

Now, it is onto the whole point of my off season, sliding!!! 

Looking forward to going fast and challenging myself this season! 

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