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First sprint day of the off season ✅ 😍 the first day is always a tough one, but I’m so excited to see what we can get done!!!

It’s @mike_bod ‘s birthday & for that, I’m pulling a sibling photo deep from the archives. Hope you have a great day 🎂 🥳

Can’t remember the last time I was home & didn’t do anything all day... truly didn’t know I needed a day like today 💕 #restandrecovery

Happy (just over) 1 year of working from home @ivydoodleyyc 😂

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That’s a wrap on the 2020-21 Season 🛷 * Time to get back to Calgary, rest & start crafting the off season plan! * Thanks to @whistlerslidingcentre for allowing us to base most of our training in 🇨🇦 this year & allowing us the opportunity to safely slide on the smoothest ice 🙌🏼

Courage & confidence * One day of camp left tomorrow & I couldn’t be more grateful for the season that almost didn’t happen because of COVID. * It didn’t come easy, but with courage & confidence I approached each day just trying to accomplish one small goal. * I’m so proud of how much I’ve grown as a person & athlete this year and can’t wait to carry the momentum forward 💪🏼 thanks @bobsleighcanskeleton @whistlerslidingcentre 🛷

2 years ago, I attended the first @sniperssc trip to Whistler. At this point, I had no confidence in my sliding, especially in Whistler... and definitely was thinking that my career may be over. This trip brought the fun back & made me love sliding again. Forever grateful for the #SnipersSliding crew for being in my corner & pushing me to be my best. (*as said picture is from 2019.... waaay pre-covid, hence no 😷) #thewhistlerchronicles

Living up to my #BeEpic @canfund @150women shirt today 💪🏼 * Today is so important it needs a second post. #internationalwomensday * Being a female athlete comes with many unique opportunities, but also some challenges. However it has been a microphone for my voice (of which I’m still learning to use!) & given me purpose, for which I am forever grateful. So cheers to strong women - don’t be afraid to step up to the 🎙 and make yourself heard! 📸: @furiousfarias

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong, women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength” - G.D Anderson * thanks @chopvalue_yyc for the inspirational quote today ❤️

Office views by morning ⏩ office views by afternoon/night. Currently balancing work @classroomchampions & a training camp to finish out the season. A lot of people ask how it’s possible, but a break from each does the mind some good! 🤗 #allaboutbalance #andlotsofcoffee ☕️

Appreciating everything I have in this moment 💕 finishing up my 9th year of skeleton & I’m certain that I am loving it more than I ever have. Just a couple of weeks left on ice before I turn my eyes to prepping for 2021/22 👀

Just over here wondering why "that time of the month" is still so taboo to talk about?!? SO, here goes my shot at it. * As an athlete, there is nothing I know more than what my body is telling me - however, how my period affects my performance (whether I like it or not!) and well, there still is a lot to learn because I feel it isn't as well researched as it should be. Remember a few weeks ago when I got DSQ for being overweight? Yeah, that was because of all the extra water weight my body was holding onto during my period. It can be tough to not have control over it, so I've decided to speak up about it, and I'm not the only athlete who is taking a stand. It happens, so lets start the conversation. * To learn more, watch @periodmovement and their panel discussion with @karliesamuelson, @nicolina_cruzzz, and @karathrowsjav moderated by @mariemarkham , where my fellow professional athletes discuss how their periods have impacted their careers in sport. Link to the panel at (in my bio) * #period #menstruators #periodawareness #menstruation #periodstigma #genderequality @paritynow (PS ENJOY THE #flashbackfriday )

It’s #LoveYourPet Day and I’m very sad I can’t be home with @ivydoodleyyc 💕 however she’s probably unaware that this day isn’t every day of the year!

Happy valentines to @brendanluge - the best partner, uncle, & dog dad I could imagine. Thanks for holding down the fort at home constantly & putting up with my craziness 😜❤️ (also 3 of my favourite living beings do happen to be in this photo, that’s why I chose it 😊)

Working hard or hardly working 🙃 I have an office at home, but sometimes a change in set up is needed for some deep thinking.... (and to be near a TV to watch some 90 Day Fiancé 👀) and of course @ivydoodleyyc is never too far away 😂

Pure happiness 🥰 🏠// arrived back in 🇨🇦 last night & officially in quarantine. For 2 weeks of racing in the USA, I (by the end) will have had to complete just over 3 weeks of isolation/quarantine. Craziness, but it was so worth it. Post quarantine I will be on my way to @whistlerslidingcentre to finish out the season!

We came for a good time, not a long time. ✨ Unexpectedly having to cut our trip short to return to Canada. While I wish we could stay in Lake Placid, I know I can’t wait to get to 🇨🇦 soil! ✨ A shoutout to @bobsleighcanskeleton for the opportunity to slide & race safely!

Another week of racing DONE. While I struggled to find my groove in Lake Placid this week, it was a good test of patience & the last race day reminded me that we can, in fact, get along after all 😂 Kudos to @ibsfsliding @bobsleighcanskeleton for all the protocols & testing that have kept us safe. It means the world that we got a chance to race this season 🙌🏼💯