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Canadian Skeleton Athlete; Physical Literacy Professional; Human

That moment of calm and focus, full attention on the task at hand. This is my favourite moment before a race. I spend the time leading up to it pacing, visualizing and analyzing. It’s at this moment I get to just be.

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Finished up the season with a 3rd at B.C. Championships and got to share the podium with these amazing women! Finally feeling like I got my groove back 🤘🏼

That’s all she wrote. Ended the year with an extremely productive training camp at @slidingcentre for B.C. championships. Now, It’s off season time!!!

Took a leap and joined an awesome crew of coaches and sliders this year. Thanks for helping me rediscover the fun in sliding #snipers

Came for the training, stayed for the views 😎

Can’t help but smile in a place like this 🌟

There were so many days in the past year that I thought it would be easier to walk away from sliding, than continue doing it. I’m happy I stuck the course, as I’m enjoying sliding and training more than I have in a long time and really sad that the season is close to wrapping up! I didn’t have great testing in the off season, didn’t slide great on tour, but I’m finally starting to get my groove back. 🤘🏼

Stay patient and trust the journey // I decided not to head out to Canadian Champs in Whistler for a multitude of reasons. Enjoying my time at home, rebuilding my on ice confidence and getting back to work off the ice to get faster and stronger. Wishing the Canadian Team good luck and good racing, and counting down the days until I head back to Whistler in March ❄️🛷 #ifyoudontknownowyouknow #athletelife #yyc #calgary #whistler #skeletonsport