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Training isn’t always “Instagram cool” in my world - some days it’s the small exercises between the sprinting & lifting that can prevent injury & help change the patterns we want to see. When you’re searching for hundredths of a second, everything matters.

Just prepping for any @kidsportcalgary golf tournaments in 2021 👀🏌️‍♀️

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Birthday week was filled with lots of love & laughs shared with so many great people. The week was capped by a fabulous dinner @rivercafeyyc last night ❤️ (because when your birthday is on a Wednesday, you get both weekends, right?)

A birthday spent at the track is a good day 🎂 Another year older, smarter & more authentically ME. It wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows but I knocked some major goals off my list this year. Looking forward to what’s to come 🙌🏼👊🏻

Monday’s are double workout day (🏃‍♀️ + 🏋️) to capitalize on recovery after the weekend. After some funny mechanics at the track this morning (can you spot it?! 👀) I got on the table @coalitioncalgary & was able to hit a PB power clean with @vitalstrengthphysiology #TeamGrace is 🔥 & is all about open communication to make sure we are all on the same page with a common goal.

Working smarter & harder. Really excited to have another incredible person in my corner on #TeamGrace @hughespt_yyc 🙌🏼I love being able to hand pick my support team and have more tools/knowledge to help me perform my best.

Once an underdog, always an underdog. Thanks to the critics along the way, because the criticism made me stronger 🙌🏼💪🏼

Happiest when puppies are around. Makes me remember when Ivy was this small 😢

Used to celebrating my birthday with Stampede every year, but this year is going to feel a little different 🥺 hoping we can still have the same community spirit & local fun, while staying safe.... see you in 2021 @calgarystampede

It never gets old hearing “next to start, From 🇨🇦 , Grace Dafoe”. It’s been an incredibly special part of my life... but this year was different. When I was named to the national team, and given my *own* Team 🍁 jacket, there were lots of emotions. I’m so proud to be from Canada. I acknowledge that as a country we still have growth needed, but being from the #TrueNorth has no doubt provided me some of the best experiences of my life. @bobsleighcanskeleton #truenorthstrongandfree #ALLin @karbonsports

4 years of calling the little yellow bungalow home 🏡 💛

🤩 Got to sprint today with a group & my sprint coach.. and @nicholassimpson_fit even made an appearance. Can’t explain how good it felt.

Happy Father’s Day ❤️

12 weeks since I’ve seen any of my coaches - and I miss them a lot, but in these last 12 weeks, I’ve learned a lot more about myself & been able to explore what really motivates me each day. I’m looking forward to (eventually) seeing them soon, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the moments of solitude, with views like this 👌🏼

It’s National Health & Fitness Day! Sport has been the vehicle to keep me active through my whole life, but however it looks for you, take a few minutes for your health, and be active today.