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Never a dull moment in the gym! Graduated from an unloaded bar, to a lighter bar with kettlebells.... and this was the result! @vitalstrengthphysiology sometimes I think you’re a bit crazy 😜, but this one was SO GOOD. Training is fun and it helps when Carla challenges me!

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“Accept who you are; and revel in it” -Mitch Albom

The icehouse // the ideal place to be on a hot night like tonight in Calgary. In my jappy place back on the ice

Thanks Ben & Morgan @pedalpubcanada for the awesome day to celebrate my birthday!!! What a crew to celebrate it with 🎁 🥳

The louder you cheer, the faster they get here 🐎

Thanks for the fun last night @batlground !! @brendanluge May have axe-celled his was to victory, but I conquered my fear of sharp objects and even got 1 🎯😂

No better way to celebrate 🇨🇦 day. Working hard so I can wear the maple leaf some more 🍁

The true north strong and free ❤️🇨🇦 Happy Canada day!