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Taking a trip down memory lane thinking about this girl with big dreams. Now, we get to dream even bigger! Reflection, perspective and gratitude have allowed me to fully appreciate the journey and navigate the not so great parts. But here we are, still trucking 🤘🏼🛷🇨🇦

Exciting news ‼️ After my Lake Placid races this week (and a quick turnaround at home) I will be headed to Winterberg & Konigssee for some InterContinetal Cup (ICC) racing 🎉 so many feelings of excitement, nervousness (in a good way!) & gratitude.

#AsSheIs I had to go back to this summer after a rainy track session to find a makeup-less/unfiltered selfie. Mostly because I don’t take selfies... Maybe that is because of the airbrushed, perfect makeup faces that normally cross my feed, which led me to think that by not speaking up, I am adding to the problem of that. By not standing up and showing the next generation it’s OK to have some skin imperfections, freckles, whatever it is. So today, I’m choosing to look at the features I LOVE! Even after a torrential downpour outside 😊

What’s spookier than a skeleton ride on Halloween? 💀

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Something about sliding on a sunny fall day in Whistler... 🙌🏼 views, a fast track & lots of learning! #preseason

Happy to be home for 4.5 days before heading back to Whistler tomorrow. I spent the week multitasking - petting my dog, watching my recorded TV & crushing work! It really sucks having to basically “commute” to whistler for 6 days to train - but that’s not going to stop me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Perspective: Remember how far you’ve come // when I started skeleton in 2012, I had no idea it would take me to where I am today. The wins, losses, tears, cheers, friends and travel all have made the journey so memorable. The book ain’t finished, but we’re entering a new chapter 📚

That’s a wrap on our Canadian selection races! I ended up finishing 5th, but more importantly, enjoying sliding and understanding the track more and more. Stoked. Let the season begin!

If your why is strong enough, you will figure out how. 🛷 sliding is going well and heading into race week after a much needed day off tomorrow!

Forever aspiring to be 1% as cool, kind hearted and humorous as my grandma. Today and every day for the rest of my life.

Today was my last strength workout of the off season. In January I sat down with @vitalstrengthphysiology and laid out my goals for her. All I asked is what it was going to take to reach them. Carla saw the potential and my weaknesses and we came up with a plan. Not just for the workouts - recovery, nutrition, mental strength, etc. Fast forward to today, after a successful off season, I’m on my way to the Canadian selection races the strongest, lightest and most confident athlete I’ve ever been. Carla has been a huge part of that. Her unwavering support, dedication to researching and writing my programs, and all the laughs and conversation between hard reps have made this year fun, challenging and successful. I seriously hit the jackpot in the coach category!!! #ThanksCoach

Just because I haven’t been able to do chin-ups in a long time unassisted 🙃