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Off season is in full swing & I’m feeling good 🔥

when summer is officially gone & fall is here. #mood

Waited all summer for this 🙌🏼 first pushes of the off season are done! 🤩

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Don’t worry, be hoppy 🐰

Cheers to these ladies for the never-ending laughs & memories 💕

Solitude // being OK with time to myself to recharge is my biggest learning of 2020 & I’m here for it 🙌🏼

The 7 year glow up - swipe to see our first picture together 🤣🤣 Happy 7 years @brendanluge 💕

Stop. Take it all in. A perfect morning with a still lake and the sunrise. Reminding me that even when life seems crazy & the world is in chaos, there is calm somewhere. Our little piece of calm on the lake.

truly there is no place I would rather be in this moment. a stormy lake with a cup of coffee was pure magic.

A lake sunset is good for the soul ❤️ One constant every summer is a trip to the Dafoe cabin. Stress is low, smiles are big, gratitude is present!

Training isn’t always “Instagram cool” in my world - some days it’s the small exercises between the sprinting & lifting that can prevent injury & help change the patterns we want to see. When you’re searching for hundredths of a second, everything matters.

Just prepping for any @kidsportcalgary golf tournaments in 2021 👀🏌️‍♀️

Birthday week was filled with lots of love & laughs shared with so many great people. The week was capped by a fabulous dinner @rivercafeyyc last night ❤️ (because when your birthday is on a Wednesday, you get both weekends, right?)

A birthday spent at the track is a good day 🎂 Another year older, smarter & more authentically ME. It wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows but I knocked some major goals off my list this year. Looking forward to what’s to come 🙌🏼👊🏻

Monday’s are double workout day (🏃‍♀️ + 🏋️) to capitalize on recovery after the weekend. After some funny mechanics at the track this morning (can you spot it?! 👀) I got on the table @coalitioncalgary & was able to hit a PB power clean with @vitalstrengthphysiology #TeamGrace is 🔥 & is all about open communication to make sure we are all on the same page with a common goal.

Working smarter & harder. Really excited to have another incredible person in my corner on #TeamGrace @hughespt_yyc 🙌🏼I love being able to hand pick my support team and have more tools/knowledge to help me perform my best.