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Canadian Skeleton Athlete; Physical Literacy Professional; Human

Park city has marked continuous learning for me and proof of progression in the sport over the last four years. Yesterday was a hard learning opportunity of pulling out of an international race to put my health first. However, I am cleared to slide today and just straight up grateful for this journey ♥️

Keep Calm & Slide On. First race of the season tomorrow and I can’t wait!!!

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Fast lines & Sunshine ☀️ Official attaining starts tomorrow & I am so excited to get my international season underway! Let’s goooo.

Feeling is one of the non-tangible things that can come out of the games. I’ve travelled to Olympic Cities all over the world, and let me tell you, Calgary is an excellent one. Sport is in the fabric of our community. Let’s continue that legacy for the next 10,000 days to come. GO VOTE!