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National Development Skeleton athlete, Calgarian, Physical Literacy Advocate, foodie, and proud Canadian.

A born and raised Calgarian, Grace discovered skeleton at age 18 and hasn’t looked back since. A former figure skater looking for a second sport to channel her competitive energy, skeleton caught her interest, and in 2012 she took the driving school at Canada Olympic Park and began her skeleton career. Her breakout year was the 2014/15 season where she was selected to compete on the North America’s cup circuit, her first international races, in which she won her first international race at home and placed 3rd overall. 2016 was full of challenges including injury and her final year of university, but she managed to represent Canada in 5 races, one of which was the World Junior Championship in Winterberg, Germany. She is currently training and gearing up for the on and off ice testing in September and October! 

In 2016, she graduated with her Bachelor of Health and physical education with a major in Physical Literacy from Mount Royal University and is coaching, and working with sport and recreation programs in the Calgary area. Grace enjoys the challenge and balance away from training and competing, and is passionate about advocating for physical literacy and being a part of the movement to get and keep society confident and motivated to participate in physical activity!  

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