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NAC Races 5&6 - Whistler, Canada

Well my last blog received a lot more attention than I thought it would. It was written after a pretty tough day of training that left me wondering a lot of things. That being said, the response from it was INCREDIBLE. My whole support system stepped up and encouraged me to keep going, keep pushing. 

That I did. 

I just wrapped up the second race here in Whistler. As I wrote last week, I had been struggling to put everything together on the track. I was understanding the theory and what I was supposed to execute, but having trouble laying down good clean runs. Let me tell you, things could not have clicked at a better time. 

I'm by no means close to even mastering this track, but I have taken great strides in the right direction. 

Race day number 1 came around, and it wasn't really feeling like a race. I had been in Whistler training for almost two weeks and it felt like any other training session. Once I showed up at the track, the ICC team was just getting ready to start their race and thats when it kicked in. I started to get more nervous than ever. I took the day before the two races off just to give my body a rest, but I wasn't sure if this was going to pay off for me. Could I have used those two extra runs? 

Regardless, the hours flew by at the track and I was all prepped to go and suddenly it was my turn off the block! This was the first time I've pushed hard in Whistler, simply because the speed is hard enough to manage without a blistering start. It was race day though, so i had to give it all I have. 

Race #5 results 

The ice was noticeably slower for us, but I managed to put down 2 of my best runs so far down the Whistler track. To come 6th off the block and cross the line see a "3" beside my name in the first run was a huge surprise! I was ready to embrace it though. Overall, I defended my 3rd place and was extremely happy with this. With little celebration, it was time to get ready for race day #2. This is one of the hardest parts of back to back races for me. 

Race #6 was a go the next day. I was feeling the pressure a bit, not going to lie. A 3rd place the day before, I wanted to show that I deserved that spot. 

Race #6 results 


This day was a tough one mentally to keep myself in the game and perform my best, and I did! While posting this, I really just realized my second start time of 5.16. Thats a new PB by far and one I'll be looking to beat when I'm here racing next!

While I was down last week, this week ended on a high definitely. I'm addicted to this track and I can't wait to come back to get even faster! 

 The top (and only) 6 women racing this week. You ladies kept things fun and interesting all week, congratulations on another great series of races! 

Thanks to my biggest sponsors MOM AND DAD. You made this race possible. 

It was also the first time I got to race in the same location as one my gym training partners and friend. A great showing by Team Revolution Human performance! Thanks for keeping me motivated in the gym and helping me become a better slider. 

Team Canada had a great showing at the ICC and NAC level with multiple podiums and medals, congratulations all! This week was so much fun and I learned a ton from the team and coaches around me.

Team Canada (NAC/ICC) and our coaches! 

Calgary races are January 24&25 with the ICC race going at 9:30am on both days and the NAC races at 12:30pm each day. I will be racing in the NAC race.

Whistler was everything I hoped for and more and taught me a lot of lessons in the short time. Respect the process, trust myself, never underestimate and stay humble. This track was so much fun to slide and I'm glad I've finally started to get the hang of it. 

Great way to start off 2015! 

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