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Writers Block

I've bounced ideas off the inside of my head for the last month and have really had no motivation to write anything meaningful enough to blog about! So, sorry for the radio silence. It's a lot of pressure to keep my blog up to date while balancing not over sharing, and of course worrying about always saying the right thing. 

"Real life" is back in full swing and I am enjoying other aspects of my life outside of sliding. I get to hang out with friends, my dog and sit in my house at the end of a long day of training. Something I will not take for granted after the amount I've travelled this season. 

A few people have asked me if I'm happy with how my season went, or even something as simple as how it went. I'm not lying when I say it was amazing, despite numerous bumps, bruises and sketchy kreisels (Looking at you Konigssee....)  

This season was the season where I got to embrace the fun in sliding. Not to say I haven't been having fun, but I had more fun and tried to put less pressure on myself to perform well, especially at new tracks. Instead of focusing on external events and how others are doing, I focused in on my own lines, my own runs and tried not to compare myself until the race forces you to. 

I was often WAY at the back in training, but I always somehow managed to turn it on on race day to make the cut of the top 20. I'll be working in the future to have even better training, so I can perform better on race day, but for now, I am completely satisfied. 

As a slider, I've now slid 8 different tracks on both the North American and European circuits. If you had told me this is where I would have been in my first season in 2012/13,I would've laughed in your face. 

Sometimes it doesn't feel real. 

People speak of the athlete struggle and sacrifice, but I honestly just see opportunity. Opportunity to be happy. Opportunity to pursue a crazy dream. Opportunity to push my limits. Opportunity to become a better human. 

Do things get crazy? Yes. Do some things take longer to get done? Yes. Do I regret it? No. 

I feel immense gratitude for how this chapter of my life is going. 

I'm going into my last couple weeks of sliding (1 in Calgary, 1 in Whistler), before calling it quits for the off season. Off season will likely mean less blogging (less exciting stuff!) but stay tuned on twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on whats going on! 

I'm incredibly thankful for the team of people who helped me through this year. Coaches, friends, family, competitors, teammates. You all made this possible. Whether it was holding down the fort in Calgary while I travelled, talking me down off the cliff before every race or laughing in the start house between runs, all are appreciated. 

Now time to get stronger and faster for next year! 

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