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Winter is Here

Since I last blogged, I've completed my first few weeks on ice, including four canadian selection races (1 of which also doubled as our Canadian Championships), and am currently back in Whistler training for the first North America's Cup races of the season out here. 

I am happy to say I am ranked 7th in Canada.  

To write that out seems nuts, because well, in a lot of other sports, ranked 7th in Canada, I could be making millions of dollars! Or at least even more people than my immediate circle would know my name. 

In skeleton, that is not the case at all. 

As the 7th woman in Canada in the sport of skeleton - I receive zero. In fact, not only do I not receive anything, I shell out thousands and thousands of dollars just to be able to give myself the chance to slide on the track. More to try and be competitive.

Now, this is not the place to complain. That is simply the reality and completely MY CHOICE. I could just not, and move on with life

(but what fun would that be?!). 

This is simply me, just trying to educate the public on the reality of being a Canadian athlete. 

You might've even heard that the Athlete Assistance Program - which provides $$ monthly to athletes from the government got a raise this year; the first one in over ten years. Incredible?! Only if you are even nominated to receive it. In fact 2 women who made the national team were not nominated to receive this funding, nor were any women in the development program. 

This is the state of womens skeleton in Canada. 

(and we wonder why less than 20 women in Canada pursue the sport). 

Support the NEXT generation of sliders. While they may not be going to the games now, imagine if they do go in 4, or 8 years! You could be one of their first sponsors! 

So here is how you can take ACTION! 

You can: connect me (or an athlete you know) to a potential sponsoring company, ask the athlete how you can donate, SHARE their posts to increase social media following, attend races in your area or watch on TV. 

Those are just some simple ideas on how you could help the next olympian just ride out the next year until it is their time to receive funding. 

Until then, you can find me grinding away, trying to somehow make it through this thing called life. 

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