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Whistler: The 2020 Edition: Part III

After 6 weeks in Whistler to kick-off the pre-season, I am happy to be HOME! 

But let's rewind to my mindset leading into the race week, where I left off

Things were finally starting to click in Whistler! Somehow, race week sometimes still brings me those butterflies though & the weight of expectations start to weigh me down. 

Race day brought a lot of extra butterflies, and for the first time I was nervous, but not TOO nervous (which can happen to me!). 

The race days brought a lot of personal "wins" including being 0.03 off my PB push from 2016, and a personal best downtime. Overall, it was a positive experience, but I still have lots to uncover to match the top women on our team! 

I am proud to have finished in 6th place in our Selection Race Series, and have been named to the National Skeleton Program on the Development team for the second year.

What followed was a few weeks of training in Whistler, which is actually a rare opportunity, as normally we are off competing elsewhere from the moment our selections conclude. 

It was a change of pace to just love sliding with no impending race, and soak up all the learning with our new coach Eric Bernotas. 

I actually can't name a time that I've loved sliding more than right now. Which confirms my decision to keep going, and not retire a couple of seasons ago. 

My time in Whistler was nothing short of amazing, but it is time to move on to whatever the new year has in store. 

Stay safe, stay healthy & lets see what 2021 has in store! 

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