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Whistler: The 2020 Edition Part II

The last chronicle actually ended...very optimistic? Which is perhaps sometimes strange. I feel like I mainly have written about the hard things over the past few years. 

Maybe I needed to write to finally LET GO of some of that past whistler track anxiety. But perhaps it was also a sign. 

Finally, last week, the ice was quicker than had been, and the butterflies definitely danced at the start line. I approach the line, awaiting my turn. The song changed right as I approached the line with my sled. 

(sometimes they play music, and on a sunny friday fall afternoon, it was perfect) 

A cover of the song "Wish You Were Here" came on. (although I wish it was the original!) This is one of my Mom's favourite songs, and also one of mine. 

It just felt right. I don't know how to explain such serendipidity. I took a deep breathe, had a few last thoughts and then just smiled. 

I put my helmet on, raced down the track, with a couple of errors, and looked up at the clock crossing the finish line. 

I couldn't believe, I had finally broken my personal best, which was over 3 years old. 

The best part, I took off my helmet, and got to hear the rest of the song on the finish dock? Nah, kidding. The PB was the best part. 

Sliding isn't always sunshine & rainbows, but sometimes when the good days are so good, its undeniable how fun this sport is. I guess that is what keeps us coming back. 

As I approach race week this week, I'm staying in this space. Excited for whats next. 

Yes, there are nerves, there always are. but they are backed by confidence, for the first time in a long time. 

Track is clear. Let's do this. 

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