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The blog that never happened

Admittedly, it has been too long without an update. 

Life got busy, and while training and work were going along, I just lost the spark to write about whats up - so here is a massive update! 

Last I wrote in January, my international racing season was over, but I continued on sliding in Calgary until March - including getting to volunteer and forerun the World Cup here in Calgary, and finish out the Alberta Skeleton Provincials with a Bronze Medal! 

After that, we headed out to Whistler for a training camp. 7 days of ice, full video review and very little downtime. It kicked my butt, but in such a good way. I learned so much and seemingly found my groove again. 

At the end of the camp, we raced in the BC Championships, and while sitting 2nd after the 1st run, I looked at my coach and just simply said "I want it" 

we both knew what I meant - I wanted to move up - as athletes alway do. I wanted to be faster, have a great run. 

And...well I didn't, but thats OK. 

For the first time in a long time, it was OK to not reach the goal - because I learned in the process. I also came away with a bronze medal in this race.

I came away happy, healthy and with a fire thats been missing for a bit. I also pushed the best I have since 2016 in Whistler.... showing myself that getting back in the gym to training in January was also paying off. 

And with that - the season was done and I came home to resume the off season. 

For me, my off seaon also meant getting to go to events for KidSport Calgary as an ambassador! An organization near and dear to my heart - check them out (or your local KidSport chapter) and find info on how to volunteer or donate! 

I also wrapped up my internhip at Classroom Champions! They took me on as one of the athlete interns in August 2018 and I highly recommend it to any athlete looking for flexible work experience! My internship was capped with the Champion Chats event, where I got to connect with so many amazing people in the community. 

 (credit: Neil Zeller) 

Off season isn't just all events though - I am training with the same crew of Les Gremantik and Carla Robbins. We have a few more things figured out this year and my commitment level is much higher (if I am being honest). 

I am feeling so much more confident in my movement in sprinting and in the gym and have a really good feeling about my upcoming testing in July... 

With that much needed update, the sun sets on another season. This one taught me quite a few lessons and gave me the much needed perspective to continue pursuing skeleton. At the start of the year, I really wasn't sure how much longer I had, but in my heart, the fire still burns! So here we go, already prepping for 2019/20. 


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