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Season Update!

It's been a while since I've wrote. I haven't been uninspired - if anything, I've just been flat out running on all cylinders in life since last season ended. 

Planning a wedding, training, working & trying to have a life outside of it all has been like juggling all of the things - truthfully though, I loved having the balance this year. 

After my international season ended in December of 2021, I thought it was time to reflect on what my future looks like. Many nights of thinking, exploring avenues of "what do I want in life, where will I be in 5 years?" type of shit. The stuff that I've been told to think about, for the inevitable when sport is finally done. 

I squeezed in 2 two week trips for training (on my own dime) in the winter of 2022 to whistler - with the sole goal of being honest - where am I at? Do I still love skeleton? 

The result was surprising. 

Because I always though after the 2022 season, that would be the end. Actually, it seemed the opposite - I wanted to push further to see how far I can go.

I planned to take more time off, and then slowly re-integrate into training, I bought a new sled, and I looked towards a lofty goal of finally cracking the senior skeleton team roster (I'm currently on the development team). 

The days & weeks drifted by, full of all the stuff mentioned above - and then I added a sponsorship drive on top of it. I needed almost $12,000 to fund my new sled. 

I am so happy to have secured two sponsors for this season - 360BrainBody & Devon + Lang

360BrainBody is my title sled sponsor - due to the enormous effort of Steph Davis, owner & longtime friend of mine, who took on being the venue for my fundraiser, but also rallying a huge community around me to raise money. 

Devon & Lang Underwear - as a local Calgary business, I want to thank Tyler for throwing his support around me, and they really do make life changing underwear. Check them out. 

Shortly after my fundraiser,  it was time to head to Whistler for the year. Every year it gets harder to leave home - leave my security blanket & network around me. But it is always surprisingly easy to land in whistler & immediately snap back into my routine out here. Whistler has become a place of focus, intensity, and soul searching - a place I'm thankful to have spent lots of time in. 

I'm happy to report the sled & I are getting along - for the most part. It's a learning curve, of course, but one I am so thankful for. What I've tried to put into this season, is treating every run like it may be the last, simply because the reality is, most athletes don't know when to call it, or if someone else will call it for them. 

It has also brought up a lot of unexpected emotions though - am I doing the right thing being out here? I miss home. I'm missing out on moments with nephews, my fiancé & friends. 

It's been tough navigating, and perhaps brought some unexpected pressure on myself, that I had to navigate in losing some confidence in my abilities leading into our selection races. 

As I sit here now, a few hours after the completion of the selection races, truth be told, I don't know what's going to happen. 

I don't know if I'll reach my goal. 

I'm anxious, emotional & spent. all at the same time.

The most overwhelming emotion though? 


I placed 5th in the first race, and 4th in the second race. in 2012, a decade ago, I never even thought I'd ever rank that high in Canada. and that's pretty freaking cool. 

Whatever happens when we receive team emails (soon hopefully!) I know I'll be OK. If this is it - well, my support system is waiting at home. 

A very wise women in my life told me many years ago "what will be, will be" and I'm holding onto that tonight - through the anxious, happy & grateful moments. 

Truth be told though, I still have some fire left. Let's hope the track remains clear & I see my name on a team list! 


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