Canadian National Skeleton Team; Community Leader

One Room.

One Room. 

You never know how much impact a single room you enter could have on your life. 

In January 2014, I encountered such a moment. A decision to switch coaches led me to a new facility. One that has been my rock through it all over the last 3.5 years. 

In that room, I was standing there meeting my new coach, arguably the most influential one I've had to date. 

It was a relationship of sorts with a space. One filled with ups and downs, through injuries, poor performances, peak performances and the blossoming of a development athlete. 

the first documented visit in February 2014 

Coming in to a new environment, I always struggled getting to know a space. This one, with some adjustments, really turned into a second home as I worked to meet my off ice performance standards and prepare for my seasons. 

The space seemingly grew with me. Forever evolving with new equipment and fresh ideas. 

Then, something miraculous happened, after being there for a year and a half, I finally made the 30m sprint standard for our national program, after being close to 4 tenths off on the day I entered this "one room".

A result of the hours spent in this one room. Grinding it out, learning, growing. 

In that space, I went through such highs, which include earning my first international races, meeting the sprint standard and graduating university.  

There were also incredible lows, filled with injuries, tears and an incredible amount of doubt in myself and the process. This space nurtured me and let me grow into the athlete I am today. Every memory of my athletic achievements in skeleton is intertwined to moments in this familiar room. 

I can point out places within it where I cried my tears of doubt and where I rehabbed the injuries I've faced. It is like a childhood home of sorts. 

Fast forward to 2017, I'm in the development program, have a handful of international races under my belt, and am a confident and competent athlete. All because of this place (and the people in it). 

Then I realized - all along, it wasn't the room I was in, it was the people within it that made this room what it means to me today. 

One Room. One Athlete. ten thousand hours, laughs, tears, words spoken. 

If only the walls could talk....

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