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Off Season 2021

Last I left off, we were off to whistler for our end of season training camp. After MORE isolation. It was a successful camp in whistler. 

After that, rest and recovery, and then unfortunately I contracted covid. Good timing, in a sense, since I didn't have any fitness to lose, but it SUCKED, and I lost a solid 3 weeks of really doing anything except moving from my bed, to the couch. 

Overall, after that, I spent 30 days in quarantine since January 2021... ahhhhh! I definintely learned to be adaptable, fill my time with work and other remote opportunities. 

One of my worst fears during my time with covid was IF I was going to ever feel better, and how my training would be impacted for our July training camp. 

Well, we just wrapped up our July camp a couple of weeks ago, and I'm happy to say I feel fit. Some speed is still missing in my sprints, but I pushed well & was happy to complete the camp. 

Now I'm gearing up for a wild year - I have actually been named to the "long list" (aka the list of eligible athletes) for the Beijing 2022 Olympics. I have no expectations though, I'm truly just enjoying each step that is new, and taking it moment by moment. 

To clarify, by no means am I absolutely going, we have a stellar womens program, but for the first time - I'm eligible for the Olympic team! A dream come true, and I can't wait to see which women get to represent Canada in the 2022 Olympics! 

With that, it is going to be a big year, and I need your help! Here are some ways you can support me: 

  • Like, share, follow me on social media! 
  • If you want your company to enter a partnership with me, lets discuss it! 
  • If you are interested in donating to my journey, press the email button on the top of the screen, it will get you in touch with me! 
  • You can Donate to canfund, which is a non-profit that directly supports Canadian Athletes that apply for teir $6000 grant. I have received this in January 2021, and will be re-applying when the applications open for 2022! Check it out here: (Bonus: They always tell you what athlete your donation supports!) This does not gurantee your donation goes to me, but, there are athletes on the waiting list they need to get through, and as I mentioned, it helps out ALL athletes that apply! 

Anyways - I am feeling AWESOME, and just trying to hone in some of my training prior to our next upcoming camp. 

Have a great summer! 


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