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You know the phrase, when it rains it pours? 

Often, immediately, your mind goes to something negative when you hear that... however, in this case - it is very much positive!! I have lots of exciting updates to share with you all. 

I returned home from whistler safe & sound (thanks to my new winter tires from a new product sponsorship, Tire Source Canada !!) 

From there, it was all about rest & recovery, unsure of what the rest of the season had to offer. 

From there, I found out I had been nominated to receive funding from the Athlete Asisstance program funded by Sport Canada. This is something I have not had before, and I've been proud to have been "self funded" by myself/family until this point, but to reach the next level, I need this kind of help, and it is SO Appreciated. 

(this is how happy I am) 

The end of 2020/start of 2021 was a quiet night at home for NYE, watching hockey & playing Mario Party. To my surprise, via twitter, I found out that I became a CAN Fund 150Women recipient. 

CAN Fund is a non-profit that supports athletes by granting them funds, and their program, 150Women, is focused on women funding women, and helping them reach their dreams! 

You'll see the logo below now in my logos section of my website, so I am stoked to have them behind me as well! 

Lastly (for now anyways), I found out today, that I am a part of The Nuun Hydration Elite Ambassador Team! A program I applied for since I love their products and have bought annd used them over the last few years. You will see a few posts about them, and how I use their products. I am so excited to be able to connect with this awesome community, and be reaaaallly hydrated at training this year. 

That is it for now! 

Are you inspired by my team below? 

Interested in Collaborating? 

Click the email button at the top of my website, OR find me on your social media of choice and let me know! 

All the best in 2021, lets get after it! 


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