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Looking Ahead

The theme of this year is "the process" 

Cliche. I know. 

After a lot of thought, I attacked this off season with a new plan. Lots of new people involved with my team, and the mindset of truly being in control of my own training. 

I have no ragrets.... yes not even one letter. 

I have started to feel like the best athlete I've ever been. Not just physically, but mentally. A smarter athlete. 

Right around the time of this feeling was coming about, I got notice that in 12 days, I had my first opportunity to run the 'elusive' 30m sprint standard. 

I have nothing else to say except I would've have changed a thing! The result isn't what I wanted, but I am still a work in progress.... remember that thing called development?? 

I am still am a few pounds heavier than I want to be (but strong!!). So working with my team to lose some fat mass, clean up my sprinting technique, be ahead of the game in the injury prevention/mitigation department, and still continue to work hard and stay strong. 

I am so stoked to show what I have on the ice this year. Even when it seems like I may never breakthrough in my sprints off the ice, I still get so excited about the feeling of sliding again. 

What makes me even more excited about the 2018/19 season? The decision to purchase a brand new sled that will be custom fitted to me! Yes, going into my 7th season I will finally have a sled made for me!! My last sled has served me well, but it is time to commit to the next 4 years on a piece of equipment that is truly mine.

My commitment has never wavered from the sport, but this year brought me the opportunity to do a lot more career wise by working and getting involved as an ambassador for KidSport Calgary officially, in addition to my ambassador work I've done with Fast & Female for the past few years, plus the possibility of working with Classroom Champions in 2019!! Being involved with organizations like this has allowed me to take a step back and evaluate what sport really means to me. 

It isn't just the winning medals, or the so called prestige of saying you are an athlete. To me, it is the opportunity to use sport to connect with people and groups I may have never had the chance to work with. 

It is knowing that there is more to life than just a push time or a sprint number. 

This perspective has renewed my love for the sport of skeleton, and allowed me to set free all the insecurities of if I will ever make the national team, let alone an Olympic Games. 

In my heart, it has allowed me to throw that into the wind, and just focus on where I am now, and the opporunities that are presented to me each step of the way. 

My current sprint time likely limits me in terms of opportunities that could be presented to me. However, it is knowing in my mind that I'll be okay if that is the reality. 


Skeleton is just a part of my life. Being an athlete does not define me. 

However, it has challenged me so damn much and pushed me to my limits of my comfort zone. 

So even though my sprint number isn't there yet... I know that persistence is key and I have no doubt that a breakthrough is in the works. 

Time will tell. 


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