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It takes a Village

My season wrapped up in mid february and I've been on radio silence ever since. Not because I've been hiding, but because I've been doing what I neglected for the other 6 months of the year - friends, family, career, etc! 

This season was mentally and physically, a grind. I fought to take care of my body and mind to make it through the season. I know I need to be better than that to succeed in the future. 

Now that I'm home, back to working, and training, I've been able to start the rebuild of my movement skills and address some concerns that are roadblocks in my reaching my full potential. 

First up, a month to train for RBC Training Ground Qualifier - which was a fun experience to just get out and test with nothing on the line. I didn't put up any numbers I really wanted, but it gave me a goal to train for and keep me motivated. 

Right after some dissapointing results there, I really put some action items into place that I thought over in Mexico in January. It was a brainstorm on what I need to reach the next level.... So I made it happen. It may seem like taking a few steps back, but all in pursuit of a lot more forwards after!

So I feel the need to recognize these people for truly believing in me and agreeing to work with me and providing key advice along the way. 

My strength coach extraordinaire Carla Robbins is at the helm full time this off season, helping me become my best self and providing lots of laughs in between sets. Forever putting up with my overthinking and overanalyzing and reminding me to put in work. 

Justin & Amy over at Coalition Calgarywho have continually put me back together again over and over, and causing me (good) pain in order to heal. Both of them are so integral to my sanity in making sure my body can perform to its potential. Lots of tears have been shed in their office, but it always ends with laughs and a sense of trust that we can handle anything! 

Steph Davis at 360BrainBodyThis connection goes way back to my figure skating days, and we've reconnected working on reworking my mind and body, and helping it move optimally. She blows my mind on the regular with what we are working on! 

Les Gremantik - sprint coach....there is so much to say about this great coach. We are in pursuit of a PB in my 30m sprint at testing this year! 

Karli Nordman with Ignite NutritionWe've talked about the structure of the food on my plate, but also delved into hunger cues, mindful eating and meal planning. She's given me the confidence to make sound nutritional decisions, even when I'm travelling, and reminding me to #treatyoself every once in a while! 

Rock On Clay  who I represent on the #BalmSquad as an ambassador - so if you want 10% off this amazing product, use "GD10" as a coupon. I use it on sore muscles, my hands to keep them moisturized, and my neck when I am sick. It is truly magical and infused with clay from BC. 

The Calgary Booster Club for awarding me the Art Smith Endowment grant - which has allowed me the chance to hire and continue to work with these key coaches. 

This is just the part of the "key experts" in the village. Of course, family, friends, all those that cheer for me and have been a part of the journey along the way. I am so thankful. 

Now lets do the thing! 


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