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dear grace; part two

Dear Grace, 

Your perspective changed on May 12, 2021, when you woke up to an email notifying you that you had been "long listed" for the Beijing 2022 games. 

You knew that the rest of the team was too, but, it gave you a vote of confidence.  

You had been scared to say the Olympics is your goal, but finally, it was a possibility

and for once, you let yourself go all in, and believe that it was possible. You talked about the possibility - you still knew it was an uphill climb, but you refused to count yourself out. 

Well, the picture got a bit clearer once the season started... with selections happening & also watching my teammates have great seasons. Ultimately the call never came to race anywhere in Europe & you were told that your season was over. 

So, what now? 

You refused to admit that it was a letdown. 

Playing off going back to the "I'm just happy to be considered" type of vibe. Which, you are. but, it was a bit of an armour. 

It finally hit that this big goal, one that scared you so much, didn't get achieved. 

and it hurts. Failure always does.

You almost feel guilty for feeling this way. You do feel a bit silly for even thinking of the possibility at any point in time. 

How you choose to handle this, however, is more important. 

It is crazy how much the last two four year cycles have defined your life. 

8 years ago, you had never competing internationally, and sat up watching Sochi 2014 dreaming of becoming an Olympian. 

4 years ago, you weren't eligible for Pyeongchang, were probably in one of the lower points of skeleton, and had thoughts of retiring. You were working a corporate job, and unsure of where your other career was going. Overall, you just felt lost. 

Since then, you've managed to climb the Canadian rankings, make the National Team, create a career that is fulfilling, establish yourself as a community leader & spend time being "Grace" the person and not "Grace" the athlete. 

The last 4 years have been guided & driven by skeleton, but have shown you that you are so much more. 

I want you to read this in 2026, four years from now & reflect back on 12, 8 & 4 years back. 

Truth be told, I can't tell you what it has in store. But I want you to know that you can do hard things - trust your gut & embrace the uncomfortableness. 

Whether you have chosen to continue on in sport, and maybe even become an Olympian, or, you have turned the page, you can hold your head high. 


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