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I remember a few years ago during a social event, someone made a snide remark about how I was boring. They were planning an upcoming night out, and I was left out (despite actually sitting there) because of my seeminly boring life. 

This struck a chord with me in my early twenties and often has made me feel self conscious about my life choices. Sport/university/work has left me little "downtime" and in that moment, I had a question of whether that was truly the right decision. Was I missing out on opportunities because I was so blinded by sport?

After confiding in my Mom, the biggest piece of wisdom was that I "shouldn't confuse boredom with responsibility"

That was just over 3 years ago. 

This week, I got home from Lake Placid and with no ice in Calgary due to the Luge World Cup, it has given me some time to do some fun promotional events, catch up on work, and rest my mind and body. 

It has also given me the opportunity to reflect. 

This sport has been a crazy ride. It has taken me to 9 different tracks in North America and Europe, led me through 30 international races, allowed me a platform to connect with the next generation of athletes, taught me many life lessons along the way and allowed me to meet some amazing people. 

While I can't tell the future or reverse past decisions - I have had so many incredible opportunities come my way because of my work ethic and seemingly "boring" life. 

Just this week, I got to connect at a Fast & Female event with 300+ Grade 4-7 girls, Speak at a Girls N Sport Panel for the Calgary Hitmen, and go to work at Classroom Champions - where I get to be a part of a stellar team. 

These last few years have been a wild ride, but it has brought me to today - and for that, I am truly grateful. 

So here is to being authentically me - even if that is occasionally too responsible! 

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