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A New Perspective

Alright, story time!

Last I left off I talked about "the process" and leading into my off season testing camps. 

So I'm here to talk about perspective this time around. I'm not going to lie, my off season sprint times were not as stellar as I had hoped, but I did pull a personal best in my power clean and improve my broad jump! (so it wasn't a total bust!) 

As an athlete, we are accountable to our performance and results and I just didn't have what I needed on each testing day. 

So the process is still...well in process. However, my body has been really prone to injury the last few years and we focused a lot on being more resilient and able to withstand max effort testing. That is my small win!! 

I have some main goals to do in the next year to help me run even faster....but for now it is time to go in season! I won't be competing in the Canadian Selection races, but I will be forerunning and gaining precious ice time on my new sled! After that, who knows, but dissapointment has turned into fire and I'm already thinking about sliding and how I am going to take each race week head first (haha...get it!) and set my goals appropriately. 

So, while this roller coaster year might look different than I originally planned, I am so looking forward to showing what I have on the ice! That is why we do all that physical training after all! 

Look forward to sharing what adventures I get up to this in season! know the fire still burns bright and I'm gunning to have my best season on ice yet! 

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