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In respect of not wanting to post a "new year, new me" post, I've awaited posting my latest update to sliding. 

In mid december, I went back to sliding and slid in a local Alberta Skeleton race. To be honest, getting back to the track after a less than stellar first half was kind of a struggle. 

I love sliding, but when confidence is at a low, to even get to the track to traing sometimes is a struggle. It is not because of the lack of love or excitement, but just because you honestly don't want to see your confidence plummet further. 

Whats different though, is that I've found a team of on ice coaches who have made that part a little bit easier. Not only the accountability of knowing someone will notice if you aren't there, but helping shape their feedback to make sure that I know I am improving. 

So since then, I've just started with showing up and smiling at the start line before every run. What a change in my mentality before each run. 

I'm excited about sliding again, and enjoying my time at home. 

with the end of my international season, it also brought upon post season debriefs with nutritionists, off ice coaches and my sports psych. All talking openly about our wins and losses of the year.

With that, I'm back to some heavy training and addressing quite a few of my movement inefficiencies and past injuries. 

So while it took a lot of mental strength and perserverance to make it through the year, taking some time to hit reset, and having a clear look of weaknesses has shown me that we still have so much left uncovered..... time to realize my potential ;) 

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