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19/20 Wrapup

With the season almost to a close - minus one week in Whistler for Canadian Championships, its time to reflect on my first season on the National Team. 

This year was severely up & down - but has provided a ton of learning. I traveled almost 40,000km, 78 days of travel & 2 different continents. (thanks tripit for the stats!) and had more than enough races on tracks that I had very little run volume on.

At times, the results didn't feel like they fully represented how much I learned at each stop, but I know that it has helped me re-build my confidence on the ice & in my sliding ability. 

Perhaps it was the very real thought that if I didn't see improvement this year, it would be a sign for me to consider moving on. And while "real" life continues to call, I threw down a seasons best run in Whistler, building confidence towards our canadian championships in late March. 

I'm pushing better than ever, trusting my sliding more, & have a solid plan/team for the off season. Time to really see how far this can go. 


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