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This off season, the story was setback after setback. Personally, professionally, athletically. I often pondered what life was trying to teach me through all of this.

With some persepctive, I was being taught to be better at failing and embracing that you don't always succeed. Reminding me that you can fall is just all about how you get back up. 

Two weeks ago, I missed the off ice sprint standard at the off ice camp. 

Disappointing? Of course. 

Regrets? No. 

I put every ounce of what I had into this summer. As mentioned, through the setbacks and injuries, I perservered and kept on keeping on. Always re-evaluating the plan and ensuring I did everything I could day after day to return to full action.  

However, missing the standard by 0.07s does not define me. I refuse to let it. 

It may impact how my season goes, but it also taught me to just rest and be at peace in the moment. Those 0.07s made me re-evaluate how I can be even better in the future, and gifted me more time to relax with my family before the season kicks off. 

should I be thanking those 0.07s for teaching me more than I thought possible? For allowing me the opporuntiy to grow? 

There is a reason I'm in the portion of my athletic career we call DEVELOPMENT. 

I am developing my skills, my mind set and myself to better succeed (hopefully) on the National team one day. 

And today is just another day, working to be better. 

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