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Lucky enough to get to sneak away to the cabin for a quick weekend for my cousins wedding. What a weekend 💕

When Les literally pulls me through my training session 😂

I don’t know how you are 9 already @ivydoodleyyc 🎉 life is better with you in it 💕

Final few weeks of the off season before testing. Feeling strong, healthy & stoked for what the season has to offer 👌🏼 Just have to keep putting the work in until September testing!

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The face of a very healthy doggo 💕 The vet didn’t even believe that she is 9 years old 😂

This is a body appreciation post - not only has my body endured the dreaded ‘Rona this year, but it has also lifted heavy weights & endured more training than ever before this year. I’m so proud to call it mine! ✨ I say this because it’s been a grind lately with a strict nutrition plan with my Dietician (thank you @csicalgary for the support 🙌🏼). My sport has a hard stop of what me + my sled can weigh in between runs & it has been really hard for me to stick at weights that aren’t conducive to optimal training. So with a solid plan of attack, I’ve dropped 5% body fat since I started in June, and we have a solid plan for the racing season ahead. 👊🏻 (shoutout to @vitalstrengthphysiology for the body composition, and support, as always)

What do you mean I have to go home? Truly in my happy place 🥲

Has remote work gone too far? * Pretty lucky to be able to work from my cabin this week, while I take a bit of time off from training. * Back to the grind next week. And shoutout to @alexanderdafoe for the idea & humouring me in taking this photo 😂

Rest week from training, so this is my working view this week 🤩

My heart hurts for Konigssee and area today. The photos of the damage are pretty hard to comprehend, as this is one of my favourite stops 💔 I hope everyone is safe & I know I can’t wait to return one day.

Camp 1 of the Olympic year is done 🙌🏼 * If I’m honest, I’m not entirely satisfied with my physical performance in my sprinting. However, I learned a lot & value the experience! It also led me to a seasons best push, only 0.06 off my all time personal best 🎉 * Camp 2 coming up in September, so it’s time to take the learnings & improve my preparation…. But first BIRTHDAY 🥳

A family tradition to hand the jersey off to the last place finisher in our fantasy hockey pool 😬 (yes I lost last year). Swipe to the next picture to find out what name & signature is on the jersey 👀

Happy Father’s Day, thanks for everything 🥰

Finally starting to feel strong again 🙌🏼 * Pre-training treatment by @leti.bear at @coalitioncalgary turned out to be a big help in ability to put down some great front squats! * Motivation & guidance by @vitalstrengthphysiology to finally put some weight on the bar 💪🏼