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Finally starting to feel strong again 🙌🏼 * Pre-training treatment by @leti.bear at @coalitioncalgary turned out to be a big help in ability to put down some great front squats! * Motivation & guidance by @vitalstrengthphysiology to finally put some weight on the bar 💪🏼

It’s been just over a year since @nicholassimpson_ joined #teamgrace and I actually have trained with him more on zoom than in person it feels like! * I feel like I hit the jackpot with him & @carlaesprit BOTH in my corner. The creativity of exercises, attention to detail & willingness to push me to be my best is so appreciated. Even on days where I complain, get frustrated or tell you I can’t do something 😂 thanks for putting up with me! @vitalstrengthphysiology

Tomorrow it will be 50 days since I contracted COVID-19. * Many nights I spent wondering how my body would recover, and how much training I’d miss. Heck, I wondered if I would have to go the hospital even at some point. * If you would’ve told me that I’d be back pushing a sled, fit & healthy, I wouldn’t have believed you. * The most taxing 50 days of my life. Mentally & physically. But so grateful to be have my health on days like today. ❤️

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Today is a special day. It is my Grandma Audrey’s birthday. I can’t believe now that 2 years ago, we were celebrating with you in the Foothills Hospital. Some days it feels like yesterday when I could drop by for coffee and talk all things in life, but it also feels so far away. There is so much that I want to tell you, but somehow, I get the feeling that you know... happy birthday & I miss you ❤️

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Out of office ✌🏼

Just a little throwback. I spent 24 days in quarantine/isolation during the season (+10 for being actually sick 🦠 after the season) * One of the highlights was when @brendanluge would drive 10 minutes to the hotel I was isolated in (team regulations, not AHS mandated!) and literally let the dog out the back and let me run around with her - I wasn’t allowed to see other humans, but 🐶 were allowed! * Fingers crossed for NO MORE quarantine, or at the very least, waaay less 😂

Pushing has always been a struggle for me, but even without coaching, this is the most “natural” a push has ever felt.... still LOTS of improvement to come, but it’s only the 2nd session & we normally aren’t even in the icehouse in May!

Haven’t dressed up in over a year, turns out I still remember how, despite wearing @lululemon everyday since lockdown 1.0 🤣💃🏻

First push session of the year DONE. * Thankful for everyone making this happen safely 🛷

Taking my off day mobility outside today ☀️ first week back into some intense training & my body is handling things well. Later this week I go to the doctor to make sure there are no other concerns with my recovery. Feeling really lucky to be building back into testing camps coming in July! 🤩

excited to announce that I am now officially an @endurapparel ambassador! 🧦 * Based on performance, impact & expression, #Endur jumped out at me with their growth mindset collective & believing that every day is an opportunity to show up & work towards your goals! * You can use my code GRACED15 to save some 💰 on your next order!

First sprint day of the off season ✅ 😍 the first day is always a tough one, but I’m so excited to see what we can get done!!!

It’s @mike_bod ‘s birthday & for that, I’m pulling a sibling photo deep from the archives. Hope you have a great day 🎂 🥳

Can’t remember the last time I was home & didn’t do anything all day... truly didn’t know I needed a day like today 💕 #restandrecovery