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Had the best surprise yesterday on day 1 of the off season (and a big travel day!) I am a 2023 Art Smith Endowment Grant recipient from the @calgaryboosterclub 🙌🏼 the $1000 grant goes directly back to covering ice time/coaching at my most recent camp in Whistler. Thank you so much, the support means a lot! 🥲

165 days ago, I packed my car up to come to Whistler for pre-season. Ending my last few days on ice here & can’t help but reflect on how much I’ve grown over this season, and embraced a lot of challenges thrown my way. Can’t wait to enjoy the last few days of this season on the track that has become my second home.

Post sliding coffees & village walks ☀️ I’m trying to build more mindful moments into my day & stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

Day 1 of the last training camp of the season 🙌🏼

Happy #IWD - surrounded & inspired by so many amazing women, and thankful for the people who raise women up continually. 💕

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One step closer to being married! Marriage license acquired ✅

Before the snow ❄️ enjoying the time at home, balancing all things training, work, life & wedding planning!

Happy Valentines to this goofball. (And thanks @sarahbeauphoto for capturing the candids too 😂)

Lots of fun at @whistlerslidingcentre this week! Post competitive season sliding here, and feeling much more in tune with my new sled! One more camp in March to end the year! 🛷

Back doing this sliding thing 🤘🏼

This deserves a permanent place on my feed. What a derp. 📸: @brendanluge

Missing this right now - I’m taking a bit of a breather from ‘athlete life’ right now. I needed to pay off some outstanding bills from 1st half the season (which is done ✅ #selffundedlife ), and just take some time for me. I’ve already started my off-season in the gym, and hoping February & March provides some opportunities to slide 🛷 #thatstheupdate #realtalk #takecareofyourself

@classroomchampions visits with classes ❤️ I’ve been lucky enough to be paired with a school in my community, so instead of an online chat, I dropped in to say hi & answer their questions! Huge thanks to @friendlyfuturefoundation for sponsoring this class as well 🙌🏼

So much fun visiting my sponsor @devonandlang today! Did you know that for every pair of underwear purchased online, they donate a pair to someone in need? It’s a win for everyone! After all, everyone wears underwear, right?!

Not going to lie - feeling pretty ‘blah’ these past few weeks. I’m on week 4/4 of rest before heading back to the gym. I enjoyed the time off but it also has reiterated how much I rely on physical activity to cope with stress. Can’t wait to get back to it with @vitalstrengthphysiology & @nicholassimpson_ 🙌🏼 some structure & physical activity are much needed again!

132 days until we finally tie the knot ❤️ starting off 2023 thinking about how quickly that time is going to fly by! 📸: @sarahbeauphoto

⭐️ 2022 ⭐️ this year was everything unexpected & more. I’ve become a better slider, better person, and put myself out there by fundraising for a new sled. 2023 will be full of new surprises I’m sure!

Christmas break activities

Trying out some different sliding during the holiday break. Been offline & recharging after a long first half of the season!

And in that moment… everything was quiet & still. Race day, standing on the block is one of my favourite feelings in the world, and what keeps me coming back for more!

Posting for a permanent place in my feed. Sorry not sorry for the 🇰🇷 photo spam 🤩

2 months ago, I would’ve said I’d be a retired skeleton athlete. 2 weeks ago I contemplated coming to South Korea. Today, I had the best day exploring a new city & reminding myself that being rich in experiences is one of the things I want most. Grateful that skeleton brought me to this moment! #dothedamnthing