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Missing this a heck of a lot right now - but excited to get the chance to head out to @whistlerslidingcentre to slide with @sniperssc in February & March! 🌟 🛷

Just doing a whole lot of relaxing these days. Ps shoutout to @coalitioncalgary for the new swag! 🤩

All the figure skating on TV this weekend has me feeling a bit nostalgic ☺️ “commitment” sums up the journey from mediocre figure skater, to National Team skeleton athlete pretty well, I think🌟 #nevergiveup

Finally got around to writing about the season. Link in Bio to read the update 😊🇨🇦🛷

🌟 2022 Mood 🌟 Looking forward to what this year has in store - hopefully lots more to smile about 😀 📸 credit: @thekenchilds

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Been reflecting a lot over this break on this whole year. Took some time to just be me, taking a step back from sliding. It gave me time to exhale & recover. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished this year, despite many speed bumps & detours. I feel grateful that I have so many things I wished for many years ago! It didn’t come without struggles, many days of doubt, tears, nervousness, etc. I may not share all the struggles here, but trust me @brendanluge sure knows what a year it’s been & how often I shed some tears 🙃 what I’ve learned is that I can do hard things.

Like Beyoncé, but with an “F” 💕🎄💍

Missing riding my 🛷 right about now. Happy holidays & merry Christmas 🎄

Cheers to personal growth & personal bests 🌟 Bring it on 2022 🙌🏼 📸: @thekenchilds

What a weekend finally celebrating @gingerliddell 💍💕 (even if it’s almost a year after the originally scheduled trip!)

There’s snow place like home ❄️

Human & the doggo are reunited 💕

3 races in Lake Placid Done ✅ Freaking stoked with what knowledge I gained this week, and the mindset I’m leaving this track with. A tied push PB is all I’m leaving with numbers wise, but I’m leaving with lots of other learnings that can’t necessarily be quantified. I’ve enjoyed sliding more than ever this year & we will see where 2022 goes… but I’m hungry for more! Shoutout to our coach this week @skeleton_md 🙌🏼🇨🇦

climbed some spots into 5th today. Still lots of work to do, but stoked on the improvement 🔥 📸: @thekenchilds

Trying to decide what this race is teaching me, but perhaps it is just about perseverance, and moving forward. New race day tomorrow after a disappointing 7th place today. Ps thanks @thekenchilds for the sweet picture!

Going out of my comfort zone & officially saying that I am seeking partners in #TeamGrace for 2022. If you are, or know someone who is interested, send me an email or DM. Packages are customizable. Let’s do this!

Going to miss this little guy 🥺 Kimberley trips won’t be the same without Sawyer around 💕

Fundraising update!!! Thanks to @five21roasters & all of you that bought coffee - we raised $848 towards my season!!! 🤩🙌🏼 thanks for all the support! ☕️ now, if you want more coffee Five’21 has a holiday blend worth checking out!🎄

After some reflection from a mix of disappointment & happiness in park city, I’m ready to share some thoughts. After recently reading @duffgibson book “The Tao of Sport”, one of the things that stuck out for me was about competition, and how you grow & learn more from playing more competitive teams / athletes. (I’ve also heard this speech multiple times during @darkhorseathletic sessions 😂 ) In my eyes, I’d rather compete against the best possible field, in order to bring out the best in me. With a strong women‘s field in Park City, I was able to step up and put up huge personal bests. To me, that is what elevating yourself & your competition is. So I left park city with a disqualification due to me locking the keys in my car (and missing sled control or “parc ferme” by less than 10 minutes), and one race day with a massive push & downtime personal best. Thanks to all who reached out, all the other athletes & coaches who took the time to advocate, and to the officials who still let us afterburn with a run - it was my favourite of the week. Chapter closed, and moving onto the next. 🔜 Lake Placid!