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one; two

2017. what a start. 

Two new tracks to learn. 

one - the birthplace of sliding and notoriously beautiful. 
two - Once secret, a difficult track set in Eastern Germany. 

one - the most enjoyable experience of my sliding career 
two - almost in tears during our track walk. Incredibly intimidated. 

one - taught me to relax and enjoy the ride! 
two - taught me to trust my abilities, and that I have progressed farther than I thought. 

Quite the contrast between race weeks. Both left me with confidence heading into the next time I visit. 

Thanks to my teammates, and Coach Orvie, who always had the right words to say at every moment. 
I'd be lying if I said that this season wasn't difficult. So many moments of doubt. Succeeded by amazing moments of breakthrough. 

This off season was an exercise of trust. 
Training, working, not knowing where it would put me in the upcoming season. Trying new things and ultimately committing to the process. 

The experience this season gave me, was a taste of how much more I have to give and improve in order to reach my goals. 

Game on. 

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