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Make an Appearance.

Now that the season is mostly wrapped up (aside from one week on ice), its the time of year that I say YES to so many events. 

After spending 80 days on the road, its important to me to take the time to re-connect to my community, and do some really fun events. 

Just this last week, I had 6 different events. So when people say that the #AthleteLife is easy - I beg to differ! Luckily, training is a little more relaxed right now, so I have the energy and time to do some fun stuff. 

So heres how my week went! 

Straight off the plane from Vancouver, to a night at to the Kids Up Front All in For Kids poker tournament! 

The Calgary National Bank Challenger in Support of KidSport Calgary  

Speaking on 2 Alumni Panels for Mount Royal Universities Physical Literacy Class of 2020! 

Speaking At a High School here in Calgary for #AllGirlsDay - an event where the high school girls get to listen to women from all over the Calgary community - and I was lucky enough to be the last speaker of the day! 

Kidsport Wingoff at Cowboys Calgary with my fellow KidSport ambassadors! 

International Womens Day event with Fast & Female & put on by Accenture! 

And today... some rest!! 

A whirlwind of a week re-connecting with my communities, but so lucky to be able to have a platform to connect to so many amazing people! 

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