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Hello; Goodbye

Holiday greetings! 

This is probably my last blog before 2016, how crazy is that! This will be my 4th year, but 2nd international season in the sport of skeleton. 

The year started off in January with me racing in Whistler & Calgary, and winning my first international event, the NAC race in Calgary. No matter what, this is a memory I will take with me forever. Not because of the win, but because it is a moment that so many thought I'd never get to (including me). 

This year seems like one of the pivotal years that a lot of change happened, I pushed myself to areas I never thought I'd reach, I overcame a few injuries and juggled being a student athlete. 

2015 taught me: 

Appreciate the little things; the journey makes the destination worth it; things truly do happen for a reason; be grateful; Most importantly....Believe in yourself and your goals; work for them every day

2016 seems like another one of those years for me. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in right now, I'm graduating from Mount Royal University (just a few more courses!) and I will be able to get back on my sled and get racing again.

My hand rehabilitation is going great, I'm actually ahead of schedule and everything is structurally healed! Now it's a process of breaking down the scar tissue. The last 6 weeks of the year were perhaps the most challenging post hand injury, but it has left me all the more grateful and motivated. 

Every day, I can look down and have a reminder, things can change in an instant. While mine is relatively minor, it could've been a lot worse, it is still perspective that is important. 

The holiday season kicked off with a Merry RevHP christmas party, featuring a huge potluck with so many amazing people. The life of an athlete isn't always easy, and other friends don't always understand what you are going through, but these people do. The community I never thought I'd have turned in to a vital support system. I'm thankful for these people! #doyouevenrev 

I have no idea what sort of things are in store for me in the race department for 2016, but I'll be sure to update as soon as I know! 

Happy Holidays! 

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