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Goodbye #StudentAthlete life

If you follow me on social media (or know me personally) you already know that exactly 1 week ago today, I walked the stage and finally graduated with my Bachelors degree! 

Since this is my last chance to do any sort of blog about school, I'm doing it! Think of it as a farewell to my #StudentAthlete endeavours. 

I know I've been radio silent on the blogging - off season is less exciting milestone wise, and I've also started working! I was excited to be employed a couple of weeks after my last exam. It has been an adjustment to balancing work and training, but one I can definitely get used to. 

 At the start of the semester in January, I knew where I wanted to be when I left university. I figured out how to find mentors, expand my network, attend professional development opportunities, compete and finish my degree. So it's hard to say that 'everything just worked out for me' 

Yes, in a way it did, and I knew it would eventually, but I made things happen and opened opportunities up for myself. 

(A shoutout to MRU & the HPED department for also building in networking and community in to many of our courses) 

2015 was a year of learning and growth. Although I encountered numerous obstacles, sitting here today, I made it through and am thriving in my environment! 

It really hit home that I can bounce back from less than ideal situations. Nothing about last year was ideal really, but I survived and went with the flow! Injuries, stress, long hours of studying and training, all paid off in the moment I walked the stage and received my degree. 

It's scary to have that safety net of school gone now, as I really have no plans come September when my work contract expires, but I know not to stress about it too much. The season is soon to come, and it seems fitting that I give sliding a chance to see where it can take me.....and find a job that works with that. 

The last 5 years characterized my greatest growth personally, professionally and academically. It is the end of my degree, but it is really just the beginning of life.

My degree felt like hiking a mountain, with graduation being the summit, an incredible feeling overlooking what you have accomplished. 

I must remember though, that sometimes the hardest part is the descent! No I don't think it's all downhill from here, that is by no means the point. There are always other summits. However, it does characterize that the descent can be trickier than the summit. 

Get after it. 


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