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On Thin Ice

With pre-season sliding here, along with it being midterms (the most stressful point of the school year), I thought it would be appropriate for this blog to be title "On Thin Ice" 

Last I left off, I mentioned I would be in the National Team Push camp. It was an amazing experience, but unfortunately I did not push the standard needed to qualify for pre-season sliding and a chance to be on the National Team. 

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing though. Going through midterms and the most stressful part of the semester, this was a blessing in disguise. I was selected to share some forerunning opportunities during these National Team sessions, which has allowed me to get back on the ice and have a few runs, without the pressure of being involved in the selection races. I can save that for next year when I am not in school. 

Well... the runs haven't necessarily been the best, but I'm trusting the process and remaining optimistic. I feel like I have a lot to prove that last season wasn't a fluke. I have made significant investments in my equipment this off season, acquiring a new sled at the end of last season and then acquiring more than a few sets of runners since (the steel tubes we attach on to our sled...not shoes!).

Perhaps I am putting too much pressure on myself, or maybe I'm spreading myself too thin, I guess I may never know why pre season sliding hasn't been incredible. The reality of a student athlete is not so glamorous. I absolutely love my degree, but I also absolutely love sliding. They can work hand in hand, but I often feel pulled in a million directions.

Who do I put first?

Friends? Family? School? Sliding? 

There is no right answer I guess, but I can tell you that these decisions are some of the hardest to make. I've been trying to balance all aspects of my life in the last few weeks since testing and now sliding season, but like I said above, I feel like I'm on thin ice, pulled in so many directions. So many things vying for my time, but there are only 168 hours in a week... 60 of those for me are probably spent sleeping. 

108 hours. 

By theory, yes that is a lot to spread out over 7 days... but the reality of that is I need some recovery time, time to relax. Otherwise I really will crash and burn and end up just being mediocre at all of my priorities. 

I guess I never anticipated that this would be this hard, but I didn't necessarily think it would be that easy either.

Last year it just felt like everything worked, clicked together. I did well in school and managed to excel in my first year of international sliding. While I didn't work for the first time during school, I felt confident in that decision and it paid off. Obviously not in my bank account, but in my success. 

The outlook this year will be decided on October 25th or so, after the selection races in Calgary. The organizations will then be meeting and then letting us know what races we will be doing this year. 

I've done everything I can and put my heart and soul in to it, so whatever happens, happens! Looking forward to what this season will bring, and I know the stress will pass. 

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