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One Hundredth Part II

Last blog I wrote was fresh off of testing camp where I missed the National Standard by one hundredth. Emotion was raw, and while I was excited, it was still slightly disappointing. I fell in to a funk afterwards, mad at myself, mad at the world for missing it by one hundredth. That was 1 month ago. 

Fast forward to today, I'm currently prepping for the next camp in two weeks, where I will run the standard. Faster if anything. When I do this, I will then qualify to be invited to the National Push testing in October. 

In the last month since my last testing camp I feel like a lot has been tested, more so my character, motivation and perseverance. Every time someone said congrats or asked how testing went, it was a battle inside my head to put out there that IT WAS OKAY. In my head - It wasn't. I was mad. After a few days, that became evident in the gym and slightly affected my performance. 

Lets be clear, nothing about this journey is easy. I generally choose to share the successes, as those are so much more fun to write about. The reality is that the negative emotions are the ones that fester inside and can do a lot of damage to your psych and performance. 

After a week of recovery and moping around, I finally picked myself up, and changed my attitude. I knew I had another camp and another chance later in the summer, so I had to start pushing myself so I can perform at that camp. I had to re-find my motivation and remember the all important thing - I chose this journey! It is supposed to be fun! Since then, I had a killer month of training filled with personal bests in lifting and sprinting on the track better than ever. 

Today marks two weeks out from camp and I am motivated, excited, and feeling ready. I trust my training, the work I've put in, all that is left is to maintain it and stay in optimal condition until testing.

Come at me. 


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