Canadian National Skeleton Team


I am currently ranked 43rd in the world halfway through the season.

This can be seen here 

Surreal. Stoked. I don't even know.

Just the fact that I even have a ranking makes me happy! This sport has taken me on a crazy ride, especially the last few months. I never thought this would be a path I'd be on, but it has been unexpectedly amazing,

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday! I am indulging in some R&R, my mind and body really need it. 

That being said, I'm gearing up for what will be a crazy start to the new year! 

I will be taking part in the international training week and NAC races in Whistler for the first couple weeks of January, and then back racing at home, with training starting on January 19th. I have no more details than that, but it should make for an interesting January. After that, I will hopefully secure a job of some sort that goes along with training and school, which is not ideal, but realistically, it needs to be done. 

2014 is nearly over, and having time off over the holidays has given me time to reflect on how freaking lucky I am and how amazing the first half of the season has been. If you need any more details, you can look at previous blogs regarding recap of the races and such.  

I have the motivation and desire to make 2015 even better.

Happy new year! 

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