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The Big Day

Last Saturday, I attended the Alberta Skeleton testing camp. Another chance to hit that sprint standard before the season gets underway. Before I recap some of the last couple weeks and going in to the camp, heres a Spoiler. 

I did it!!! 

(with a few hundredths to spare, might I add) 

Now, lets just back up to the weekend before testing. My first week of prepping for the camp was over and I managed to sneak away to my cabin on Lake Winnipeg to spend some needed time with family. The cabin has been passed down through generations and is a gathering place for one side of my extended family. Good food, card games and lots of bocce are a staple here. 

This place, there is something so simple and serene about it. Every summer it provides me with time to reflect and relax. 

I had lots of that to do, as I knew that in just under a weeks time, I would be running in the testing camp. 

It was 5 short days away, but it was well worth it. It was back to the grind as soon as the Disney Westjet plane hit the ground in Calgary. A few hours later, I would head to the gym to continue preparation for the testing camp. 

My body felt great the next few days, and I was ready to go. 

The Big Day 

I felt relaxed, ready and confident. Nothing out of the ordinary, just another day. I felt way more relaxed, and was the fifth person off the line to test my sprints. I ran well, it felt great. There was no mention of time on the way back though from anyone.... had I not made it? 

I debated for a couple of seconds whether I should check before I ran my second trial. I ended up checking a few people before I ran again, and had to double check that the number written down was mine!

It was tough to keep everything under control for the rest of the camp, I was so excited and I couldn't wait to tell my people!! They kept me sane this summer, and have pushed me to work my butt off. In work, in school and in the gym. 

It is moments like this one where I can't forget I am human, I am ME first. Athletics do not define me. 

So in love with the journey, I have no reason to reach the destination quite yet.... 

Don't forget to smile & enjoy the little things. 

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