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Never Quit

YEAH BABY! Flames are off to the second round! If you didn't already know, I'm a diehard flames fan. Born and raised Calgarian, it just is only natural. 

The flames took on the motto of "Never Quit" this year, and it seems like they truly live that. As an athlete myself, this spirit is something I admire and something I take to the starting line every time I race. It's the fact that no one said the flames could make the playoffs, let alone make it to the 2nd round. Now that is inspiring. Against all odds. I often felt like that this season, all odds against me, I rose up to the challenge. The "no quit" attitude is something that should not be ignored. Ever. 

Now on to some updates - I finished up my 4th year of university, and have 7 more classes to complete next year. So exciting! It's going to be extremely bittersweet to graduate from Mount Royal, but something I'm very much looking forward to. As part of my degree, I'm doing a practicum placement this summer. I was lucky enough to actually end up working for Alberta Skeleton! I'm looking forward to learning more about Provincial Sport Organizations, and really glad that it has flexible hours, so my training isn't compromised. 

As for training, off season is in full swing! I'm feeling stronger and more confident than ever. I will be ready for the national team selections - I have a great feeling that this could be the year I make the standards. It is my goal, of course, but I'm not afraid of failure. I trust the process, I have time, and I'll keep working my butt off. 

A huge shoutout to the Rev Crew for making this off season so much fun. I often have a fear of missing out on the lives and memories with my longtime friends from high school, since sliding and school keeps me incredibly busy. The Rev crew have given me a community and friendships I never thought I'd have. I always thought that I sacrificed time with friends for training, but the truth is, I gained a whole new circle of friends in the process.  

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